ABOUT CAVU CAPITAL - Ceiling and visibility unlimited

Investment Banking Services for Emerging and Mid-Market Technology Companies


The CAVU Capital team is comprised of seasoned experts in technology, operations, and financeThe breadth and diversity of our collective experiences allow us to offer unique perspectives to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. 

Our team’s expertise  provide clients with tremendous value, and our specialized focus and boutique offering allow us to give each transaction unparalleled commitment and dedication.


Common Sense Approach

Common sense must prevail at all times.  There are always many parties involved in a transaction – attorneys, accountants, bankers and, of course, the buyers and sellers.

Transparency and Communication

At CAVU, we deliver good news quickly and bad news even faster.   We believe in always being transparent and overcommunicating.  We have a process, and our process for either a capital raise or a sale is almost identical.

Integrity - Our Word is Our Bond

At CAVU, we take integrity seriously.  We boil it down to one simple thing, always, without exception, do what you say you are going to do.  Period.

We surround ourselves with people we trust. 


Founded in 2020, CAVU Capital, LLC (“CAVU”) is a boutique investment bank based in Tampa, FL. CAVU specializes in working with both emerging and  middle market technology companies seeking to raise growth capital or sell their business. 

Advisory Services

Target Technology Industries

Transaction Sizes


CAVU an aviation acronym for Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited – used first by World War 2 Navy pilots to describe the perfect day to fly.

The late former President George H.W. Bush used the military acronym CAVU – Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited – in his approach to life.

“In the Navy, we young pilots all prayed for CAVU – Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited. But, you see, that is where my life is now. Thanks to my family and my friends, my life is CAVU,” Bush said on his 80th birthday, according to military.com.

At CAVU Capital, our mandate is to guide you to a place where your Ceiling and Visibility is Unlimited, in both business and life.  CAVU.

Our team has completed over $1 billion in public and private investment banking transactions.