As a boutique, specialized firm, we provide dedicated management expertise to every transaction.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

CAVU is adept at helping our clients successfully navigate high-value exits across the technology sector. From founder-led sales to divestitures, our ability to articulate a compelling value story, understand scarcity and drive competitive tension underpins our success. 

We are well positioned to create highly effective marketing strategies to maximize the value of our clients’ companies for shareholders, resulting in strong valuations and multiple options for our sell-side clients.

Growth Capital

CAVU partners with management teams seeking capital to execute their growth strategies, providing both expertise and guidance to assist companies as they navigate complex global capital markets. 

We are experienced in structuring and raising growth capital to execute transformational transactions and have the ability to execute a variety of debt and equity solutions for our middle-market technology clients.

Spac Advisory Services

In the last year, SPACS (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) have skyrocketed in interest as bankers and celebrities have joined in on the method of going public without having to go through the original, long and cumbersome process.

SPACs can enable private equity firms and other sponsors to close a transaction resulting in being a publicly traded company with less cost than a traditional IPO, and in a timely and efficient manner.

Management Buyouts

As experienced owner-operators who have built, run, and sold our own businesses, the CAVU team has the right expertise to advise management teams as they pursue an MBO. Planning and executing an MBO can be complex and involves a number of tasks, from financial modeling to valuation to strategic planning, and CAVU is here to help. Whether current ownership is seeking an exit or management is seeking a different strategic path, we can help management teams navigate the multi-faceted process and secure the right valuation and future ownership structure for the business.