Investment Banking SOLUTIONS for IT and MANAGED SERVICES

CAVU has over 20 years of IT services industry experience, knowledge, and relationships.

CAVU Capital combines a robust knowledge of technology sectors and transaction execution to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. By operating our own mid-market technology companies, we learned first-hand the challenges our clients face, but more than that, we understand your business at a deep level that only an operator can, we have experience in the details that few, if any, other investment banks have.


The IT Services ecosystem has gone through massive changes over the last decade, and that change is accelerating. We have helped numerous IT Services companies (and their clients) navigate these changes.

The migration from on premise solutions to the Cloud and the explosion of SaaS applications across all industries has changed the way we think about IT. The rapid change to a remote workforce accelerated some of these changes, but the good news is that with change comes opportunity. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. We know what metrics you should be measuring and what financial ratios should be for companies in the IT Services space, at both the Gross Profit line and the EBITDA lines.

This is a rapidly consolidating industry, there have been hundreds of acquisitions in the last year alone. Private Equity has a renewed focus on the sector and strategic buyers are as active as ever.

That’s where CAVU comes in. We have extensive experience in the IT services industry. We can help you come up with a plan, and then help you execute that plan.

We Can Help Execute Your Growth Strategies

CAVU can help you execute your strategies for future growth in the IT and Managed Services sector. 

A Proven Track Record in the IT and Managed Services Space

Barry Shevlin

CAVU’s cofounder and CEO Barry Shevlin has 20+ years in the IT services industry. He built what became the 20th largest MSP in the world and has completed over $350 million in capital transactions in the IT Services space.

Our experience is in operating and building technology companies, along with having deep relationships with Cisco, Microsoft, AWS and Google Partner ecosystems, positions us to be a unique and highly effective team to represent your business.

We have a direct line to the CEO’s and CFO’s of hundreds of companies in the IT Services and MSP spaces. We have decades long relationships in both the Connectwise and ServiceNow partner ecosystems. Over the years, we’ve also been very active in the Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft and Google partner ecosystems. As a regular attendee at partner conferences and industry association gatherings over the years, we have developed many long-term relationships that help us in virtually every process we go through.

Relationships matter.

We have the c-level connections to get you results

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A History of Successful Transactions

In the past decade, we have successfully executed over $1 billion in public and private banking transactions. As a smaller, more agile firm, we provide a level of support and dedicated management expertise to every transaction.