CAVU has over 20 years of digital transformation industry experience, knowledge, and relationships.

CAVU Capital combines a robust knowledge of technology sectors and transaction execution to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. Digital transformation is an industry buzzword for any organization trying to improve efficiency and profitability through implementing digital technology. Companies offering digital transformation services operate in a rapidly changing and competitive world.

Digital transformation companies can turn to CAVU. We can help you in capturing a greater market share through capital or acquisitions.


The digital transformation ecosystem has gone through massive changes over the last decade, and that change is accelerating. We have helped numerous cloud-based and IT companies (and their clients) navigate these changes. A fast-changing market means you are always operating in a competitive space, but that doesn’t mean you need to navigate alone. Success in this space means having the experience and relationships to yield you the results you deserve. It means working with a partner that has over 20 years of  experience with digital transformation. Examples of digital transformation companies
  • Software enabling automation
  • RPA (robotics process automation)
  • Marketing Automation/Technology
  • Marketo/Eloqua/HubSpot/Pardot, etc.
  • Google Partners, WordPress partners, etc.
  • Salesforce and Microsoft Partner Ecosystem
You need someone who understands the unique needs of your company. CAVU is more than investment banking services. We are a team of experts that successfully executes transactions and raises capital. We help you stay competitive and capture a greater market share. That’s where CAVU comes in. We have extensive firsthand experience with digital transformation. We can help you come up with a plan, and then help you execute that plan.

We Can Help You Help Your Clients With Their Digital Transformation

CAVU’s team can help you grow your market share with the right transactions and acquisitions. We can help you stay competitive. That means you can build long-standing relationships with your clients


Barry Shevlin

CAVU’s co-founder and CEO Barry Shevlin has 20+ years in developing and implementing digital transformation solutions, not only for his own organization, but for clients that he oversaw. 

  • He developed Vology’s cloud-based, next generation operating system (Opus) utilized across all aspects of the business that reduced administrative burden by over 50% for both front and back office functions.
  • Inaugurated and oversaw Vology’s “Office of Innovation” that assisted customers with digital transformations and roadmap development for transferring workloads to public cloud platforms.
  • Spearheaded the company’s internal cloud-migration strategy with 100% of company infrastructure now cloud-based. Reduced physical data center footprint from nine locations in 2016 to zero in 2020.

Our experience is in operating and building technology companies, along with having deep relationships with Microsoft and Google Partner ecosystems, which positions us to be a unique and highly effective team to represent your business.

We have a direct line to the CEO’s and CFO’s of hundreds of companies in the digital transformation space. We have been working in and around the marketing automation space for over a decade.  We have long-standing relationships in the Adobe/Marketo, HubSpot Oracle/Eloqua, WordPress, Microsoft and Google partner ecosystems. As a regular attendee at digital marketing industry events over the years, we have developed many long-term relationships that help us in virtually every process we go through.

Relationships matter.

A History of Successful Transactions

CAVU has successfully executed over $1 billion in public and private investment banking transactions. We have decades of experience in the industry. Our founders operated companies in the digital transformation space as recently as 2019. 


Along with operating and building our own technology companies, we have a very strong and unique perspective from strategic growth to day-to-day operations, which positions us to give the right advice and direction to achieve the results you deserve.


We have a direct line to the CEOs and CFOs of hundreds of companies in the IT Services and MSP spaces. We have deep relationships with Cisco, Microsoft, AWS and Google Partner ecosystems, which positions us to be a unique and highly effective team to represent your business. 


Our team has completed over $1 billion in public and private investment banking transactions. Combining our relationships with our experience creates the momentum you need to meet your financial goals.