CAVU specializes in four growing technology industry sectors.

Saas and Software Companies

CAVU is exceptionally well-positioned to help technology companies such as software and SaaS providers execute mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, capital raises, or restructuring to capture the greatest share of this growing market. 

We have the operations and finance experience necessary to provide accurate valuations of digital assets and emerging technology, resulting in superior financial outcomes for our clients.

Digital Transformation Companies

Digital transformation companies looking to capture greater market share through acquisition or seeking additional capital or optimized capital structures to fuel growth require seasoned financial advisors who understand the nuances of the industry. Successful transactions and capital raises in this fast-changing market require specialized methods of due diligence and valuation of digital assets.

CAVU’s team offers both 20+ year industry experience as well as recency: our founders were actively operating companies in the digital transformation space until 2019.

Telehealth and Healthcare Technology

Investor interest in innovative, lower mid-market healthcare technology companies is boosting market growth and creating exceptional opportunities for these companies to vertically integrate or raise capital to continue growing rapidly. 

CAVU’s dual technology and finance expertise gives us a unique perspective and ability to understand the value and potential of these firms and help secure exceptional financial outcomes from the transactions on which we advise.

IT and Managed Services

Led by Senior Managing Director Barry Shevlin, CAVU has extensive experience in the IT Services industry. Mr. Shevlin has over 20+ years in the industry and has completed over $250M in capital transactions in the space. 

As a result, the CAVU team has the knowledge and relationships required to execute a plan that will yield the most value for our clients.